Fundraiser Team

Christian Faith Assembly Fundraiser Team is made up of 12 men and women that are brought together for one purpose, to do God's work! We work hard to raise money for two different purposes, one is to build new Sunday School rooms and Nursery, we know that children of today are future disciples, future teachers and future leaders. We want to give these children a place to come and learn about God's Word and the love of Jesus. However, we also believe that to live by example and show kindness to others is equally important, so we put our faith in God and allow him to lead us, therefore every fundraiser we host we donate a % to a local cause or benefit  to help someone in our community. We believe that with the Lord guiding our footsteps and opening our eyes and hearts we can make a positiive difference in our church and our community. Contact TK Kollins or Chloe Black for more details.